Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LEGO Clutch Powers Reminder

This year, the brand-new CGI movie based on the classic LEGO Building System will come to DVD on Feburary the 23rd!  The in-a-nutshell synopsis:  A bold Minifig named Clutch Powers and his team travel to the Space Police prison planet, then to the Fantasy Medieval World of Ashlar to help the rightful heir of the throne defeat an evil wizard named Mallock the Malign.

                                                                    The DVD cover.

A screenshot from the LEGO The Adventures of Clutch Powers Website:  http://legoclutchpowers.com/

Friday, January 22, 2010

LEGO Hero Factory Trailer

On BZPower, LEGO showed this video to one of the Admins, who showed it publicly.

I've decided to Embed the Hero Factory Teaser Trailer from the channel of a YouTube user named ShieldOfAges onto my blog to show you.

According to some sources, the Hero Factory line won't have an epic story like Bionicle did, but will have more of a flexible story so that Builders would have to use their own imagination more.  Seems fine with me!  However, the Hero Factory protagonists are just plain really advanced robots, unlike how all of the characters in Bionicle were bio-mechanical beings (basically steampunk cyborgs).  Which is ... Okay, but I prefer Bionicle as it had a more unique story.

Send the Minifigs into the LEGO Universe and save imagination!

On the LEGO Universe subsite at LEGO.com, a new game has been released! :-D

And no, it (sadly) isn't LEGO Universe.

The game is about playing several different missions, each one will send Minifigures into the LEGO Universe for re-animation when won.

So go and help save imagination by playing the missions!  Here is the link:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Answer The Call - Save Imagination!

Recently, a video of a fictional video recording from a Minifig and what appears to be the official LEGO Universe trailer has been released at the Bradford Rant website.

Just go to the link: http://www.bradfordrant.org/en/reveal_the_mystery.html

And type in the following:  Answer the call save imagination

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some of my LEGO MOCs on Flickr!

Hi brick bloggers! Here are a few pics of some of the things that I built during the Holiday months!

Dual-Cockpit Trident Speeder 2
I built this from the Neptune Mini-Sub set that came with my new Brickmaster magazine.

Happy Holidays!

I used the Christmas tree model from the Winter Toy Shop that I received for the Holidays in this one.
The MOC is supposed to represent the going of the previous year and the arrival of the next year.

Snot Cube

A silly little thing I made while experimenting with my bricks.

Android Detective
An android detective inspired by an episode of a cartoon called "Samurai Jack" which featured a robot gangster.

Remove the Roots Minigame pic 1
(I used a free trial of Photoshop for this one. Turns out I like what I already had better)

I also uploaded this to the LEGO Universe creation Lab!
Here is the link to it.

Santa's HyperSpeed Sled pic 1

A high-tech version of Santa's sleigh that I built at the beginning of December 2009. I can't imagine how Santa is able to deliver presents to good kids all over the world in one night with just eight flying reindeer. His sleigh and the reindeer must obviously be equipped with faster-than-light boosters. ;-)

Well, that concludes the things I built over the Holidays!