Monday, December 15, 2008

My Jack Frost's Ice Castle MOC (My Own Creation) picture 5.

When I was building this 2006 winter MOC, I thought that Jack Frost could use a vehicle that he can ride for fun!  So I made him this energy-efficient snow-mobile!
*Vroom vroom vrooooooooooooom*
Yeehhawwww ride that energy-efficient snow-mobile!
*Vroom vrooooooom vroom vroom*
LOL!  :-D

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Jack Frost's Ice Castle MOC (My Own Creation) picture 4.

The lab ...... Where jack frost works to stop global warming ..... His special radar dish (last pic) gives the computer at right information about how much of the Arctic Tundra is left ...... Because he was able to rescue the Polar Bear at picture 1 thanks to information from his computer.

My Jack Frost's Ice Castle MOC (My Own Creation) picture 3.

This is the bridge, radar station, and snowmobile repair center!  The radar dish receives information for the lab (coming next photo).  If the dish is broken, Jack Frost would use the bridge to walk up to it and fix it!  The snow-mobile repair center is under the bridge (You probably guessed this because of the tools there).

My Jack Frost's Ice Castle MOC (My Own Creation) picture 2.

Yet another picture of this old model!
This is the inside of the castle!  It features a little dining room at top (with ice cream), below the dining room is his bed (the table in which the clock sets upon is frozen), below that is Jack Frost's lab (more on that later)!

My Jack Frost's Ice Castle MOC (My Own Creation) picture 1.

Way back in 2006 when it was winter, 
I decided to build this MOC as an alternative to the common Santa Claus theme!
This is Jack Frost's Ice Castle!  The Minifigure wearing a light blue shirt is Jack Frost (that mythical character).  Down below is his Polar Bear.  To the right of the Polar Bear is Jack Frost's snow-mobile!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A piece of my old Club Page ....

Remember those old online Club Pages?  The ones BEFORE My LEGO Network?  
You know the ones that LEGO Club shut down to make room for the improved My LEGO Network?
Because a really old artifact has been discovered!  The profile and sticker part of my ancient Club Page!
Looking at my forgotten online LEGO Club sticker display, I notice a seen of the famous Mini-figure adventurer Johnny Thunder taking down his enemy Sam Sinister while Johnny's friends find the lost treasure!  Oh yeah plus there is a Dino Attack/Dino 2010 chopper in the background .... Wait one minute!  The treasure chest on my old Club Page looks like the one my viking cave had! O_o

Escaping with the treasure!

Run away with the treasure!  Note the booby trap I added to the viking cave,
You can flip a small switch to make an axe swing out!  :-)

My Tread Tracker Creation!

Pictures of my latest MOC (My Own Creation, its a building term)!  It is a vehicle with treads that I call a Tread Tracker!  :-D