Thursday, December 11, 2008

A piece of my old Club Page ....

Remember those old online Club Pages?  The ones BEFORE My LEGO Network?  
You know the ones that LEGO Club shut down to make room for the improved My LEGO Network?
Because a really old artifact has been discovered!  The profile and sticker part of my ancient Club Page!
Looking at my forgotten online LEGO Club sticker display, I notice a seen of the famous Mini-figure adventurer Johnny Thunder taking down his enemy Sam Sinister while Johnny's friends find the lost treasure!  Oh yeah plus there is a Dino Attack/Dino 2010 chopper in the background .... Wait one minute!  The treasure chest on my old Club Page looks like the one my viking cave had! O_o


Anonymous said...

bricknave, how did you find your old club page?
Mars 4 life

Bsidharta said...

where can i get my club page?

Bricknave said...

When the Old LEGO Club Page were still up(before MY LEGO Network)I saved part of it as an image! Then I fount it when I was browsing my picture files!

If you have already upgraded to MLN, then you can not change back to your Old LEGO Club Page. I don't mind this, but it may be a problem for people that really really liked the 'ole CPs.