Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A new poll ..

Since the new LEGO MMOG is coming, I've decided to make a new poll about it!  Since this poll will last a long time, I made it so that you can use it if LEGO Universe hasn't or has come out at the same time!

If you have NO idea what LEGO Universe is and you've selected "LEGO Universe?  Huh?  Never heard of it." then here is a linky for you:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The results of the poll!

You know that poll on my blog about what you call the things found in LEGO sets?  Well it ended.  Here are the result.  5 voted bricks as the things you find in LEGO sets, 3 voted pieces as the things found in LEGO sets, and 0 voted blocks.  Good job!  We all know that LEGO doesn't put blocks in their sets, but some other rip-off copy-cat bootleg building block company might ...

The second Thunder Driller!

When the first Thunder Driller is damaged in an rock slide, the Power Miners team build a temporary replacement!  Built in a smaller scale with a Star Wars windshield and a titanium drill, this little brother version of the Thunder Driller means business!
Photo 1:  A good look at the Thunder Driller II!
Photo 2:  The cockpit and back!
Photo 3:  The REAL engine of the Thunder Driller II!

Monday, January 12, 2009

One strange skeleton ....

What do you do when you have extra skeleton pieces?  Make a weird monster of course!
With a shield picture for a face, very long legs, and hands that shoot flames you can terrorize a medieval village!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Upgrades to the Power Miners Mine Mech!

When I first received the Power Miners Mine Mech, I thought it was very cool and Exo-Force like, but it was also very very skimpy.  So I added upgrades to the Mine Mech so that it will last longer against a dozen or so pesky rock monsters!  Instead of a spinner that isn't good at drilling; I added a normal PM drill!  The I noticed that the claws could use some more work; so I made them more dangerous.  The legs and arms I improved plus I added a few defenses in-case a Boulderax rock monster shows up.

Remember:  If you think that an instructions-followed model needs some work, don't be afraid to add a few extra pieces from your collection.