Saturday, February 21, 2009

Highly unexpected news

The LEGO company has recently delayed the planned launch of the LEGO MMOG known as LEGO Universe!  The reason for this is because LEGO is launching a whole bunch of cool LEGO Products in 2009 and they didn't think LEGO Universe would get the attention it deserves.  However; the extra time will be used to make LEGO Universe even better!

This is a bitter sweet experience for me.  The bitter part of it is that it is going to take even longer for LEGO Universe to come out.  The sweet part of it is that this will give to a chance to do other things so that I won't have to worry about LEGO Universe coming so soon.

Hopefully it comes out at least in 2010.


Anonymous said...

bricknave i got a freind invite on youtube from someone named Bricknave0937 is that you?...i just want to know befor i ad him


Bricknave said...

Yes, Bricknave0937 is me.

Thank you for asking me here before you accept anybody who went by the name of Bricknave somewhere else. :)