Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mountain Temple Adventure -- A short LEGO stop-motion film by me!

This is my first LEGO stop-motion film.  I hope you like it!  :-)

If there is anything you dislike about the movie, please tell it to me constructively. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

nice I wish you could teach me how to do that Brick Knave

Bricknave said...

Thank you very much for the complement! :-)
Stop motion animation is VERY tedious work. I once spent a majority of a weekend day just taking pictures and moving the Minifigure slightly, so that it appears crisp when it is finished. Sometimes, I also have to delete pictures from the animation that is slowly being built frame-by-frame, and re-do entire scenes! Also, you need to make it so that the light is soft, and that the set is stable so that you wouldn't incidentally move it around too much when taking pictures. Hope that helps! :-)