Saturday, July 24, 2010

Steampunk Robo Camel

Steampunk Robo Camel Pic 5
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Hey fellow LEGO fans! I recently built a Steampunk Robo Camel for a contest. Steampunk is a very popular fan-made LEGO theme, next to Post-Apocalypse.

Here is the description of my MOC:

"During the 12th Century in the Steampunk Universe, Italian adventurer Marco Polo encounters an inventor while journeying across the Afghanistan section of the Silk Road for the first time. The inventor, also a merchant, sells goods atop his huge steam-powered robot camel. A gear system at the bottom of the camel is what moves the legs in synchronized order. Marco Polo was able to write about the inventor and the robot camel in his journal shortly before continuing his journey to China. The Steampunk Robot Camel has become one of the most popular history subjects in the Steampunk Universe, and it is currently on display in the Steam-powered Robots Museum."

What do you think about LEGO Steampunk?

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