Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The office of Johnny Thunder

The office of Johnny Thunder
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We all know of the world renowned Minifigure adventurer, Johnny Thunder, and we've all seen his treasure-hunting expeditions through exotic places.
What we haven't seen is the place where our hero retires when planning his next adventure ... Until now.

Johnny Thunder's office at World Magazine doubles as a study. Unlike some of the other offices in World Magazine, Mr. Thunder doesn't have to deal with boring paperwork,
he only gets paperwork of the ancient kind.

Near Johnny's work desk is a framed photo of his first big-time adventure in Egypt. Behind the desk is a bookshelf filled with books recommended by Dr. Kilroy, which cover a wide variety of subjects.

In the center of the office is Johnny's personal globe. He likes to sit around the globe with friends to pick and choose his next "vacation" destination.

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