Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Velvet Shuttle

Velvet Shuttle
Originally uploaded by Bricknave

A shuttle used by an intergalactic faction to transport important members.


MineMech or Ninjakid said...

Hey, this is MineMech (or Ninjakid) again. I actually bought a new video game the other day... Rayman Origins. I was playing it, thought about your Robotnik MOC and thought, "I bet Bricknave could pull a Rayman off." Why? Because Rayman is limbless, which means that he could call for transparent parts. Anyway, I haven't really been telling you much of what I've been doing lately after LEGO Universe ended. One word: Minecraft. I have the PC Edition, but I am going to get the Xbox Edition when it comes out Wednesday. Anyway, just bringing you up to speed on my life. :)

Minemech said...

Oh, that brings me to one more question, do you have a Xbox 360. (Minemech again)

Bricknave said...

Hey Minemech:

Thanks for the suggestion about building Rayman! I could imagine building him at a scale smaller than Robotnik. I'm currently working on several projects, so I'll consider building him when I'm finished with some of them. :-)

I do not own an Xbox at the moment. Currently, my only gaming machine is my computer. ;-)

Pretty cool how Minecraft is coming to the Xbox. I wish LEGO Universe would've been released on different consoles so that their player base could've expanded.

Thanks for the update!