Sunday, May 12, 2013

(LCC GC4) Defending the Outlaws' Lair!

(LCC GC4) Defending the Outlaws' Lair!
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My assignment was this splendid MOC by gid617. My take focuses on the fort more, with a different batch of Loreo troops continuing the assault.

Captain Claw's Log:
"Before headin' off to visit a specific coast, we went to the Outlaws' Lair to look for potential
interns, so we could have extra hands and keep Mark's gold for ourselves! Then, Loreo troops who weren't commanded by Mark attacked! We decided to have some fun and defend the place. Lady Drake pushed a Loreo latter off the wall, and the guy climbing it was almost done! It was funny! Longbow was checking out a guy archer, Gargon was sparrin' with a Loreo knight, and this brute named Lute poured hot tar on this Loreo guy. Our Dwarf friend was guardin' the ship, so he sadly couldn't take part in the fun."

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