Tuesday, January 28, 2014

CGVI "A Forgotten Weapon"

CGVI "A Forgotten Weapon"
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My Restricted Scene entry for Global Challenge VI of Lands of Classic Castle.

A remote island close to Garheim encounters a gust of warmth. The native wildlife resurfaces as the white blankets slowly melt. Despite the chilliness that is still present, a wondering Garhim would consider this a good day. Except for the Knave of Narbruck, a native Garhim. Today is not a good day for him. Yesterday, in a tavern, he had bragged about finding a long-lost lethal invention on this island.
For better or worse, a band of Outlaws (led by the notorious Captain Claw) got to him before any of Galaimir's men. He had yet to decipher their intentions. Were they Pro-Queen, Anti-Queen, or just wanted control of the weapon?

As he is forced to walk through a mosaic of snow and grass, he tries hard to clear his head.
"The sooner I find it again, the sooner it'll be over."
He tries to retrace his steps.
"I remember seeing it in a cave, but where?"
He could tell the Outlaws were getting impatient.
He'll have to think harder.

From the log of Captain Claw:

"Our undead Dwarf crewmate, Ironbone, had a flashback about some weapon supposedly hidden near Garheim. It was crafted by an artisan he knew of, not necessarily a friend of his though. After the weapon devastated a small village, a "Council" of some kind seemed the weapon too dangerous, and ordered it to be destroyed. According to Ironbone, the artisan secretly hid it instead. The artisan in question was apparently a Garhim. While discretely promoting Anti-Queen sentiment in a tavern, we overheard this fellar brag about finding what appeared to be a weapon. We figured it was the one Ironbone was talking about, so we intercepted him before any of the Queen's goons. He says he's a big-tough hero of the Garhim army, but he's probably just a gloatin' shield-scrubber. I think this because all he has is this scrappy dagger."

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