Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good and Bad things of LEGO BATMAN

The review may have been hard to process, so I carved it right down to the easy to digest good and bad technique!
* LEGO BATMAN Mini-Figs to play as, plus characters that a Mini-Fig of them has not been made.
* You can build with LEGO Bricks.
* Different suits for our heroes, like BATMAN'S Glide suit and ROBIN'S Water suit, plus more.
* Different abilities for characters like super strength, immunity to toxic liquids and gases, plus more.
* You can interact with the environment by climbing, pulling levers, pushing boxes, plus more.
* You can battle enemies without the gore some non LEGO games.
* Puzzles to tease your brain.
* Things to collect.
* Story or freeplay modes of gameplay.
* Buy things like character, upgrades, plus more.
* Create custom characters using parts from other characters.
* Puzzles can be so hard to figure out to the point were it is illogical.
* You do not choose what you build.
* Not enough bad things to be make this list more even.
Remember, THIS GAME WAS NOT MADE BY ME, so don't go asking me how to get it from me because I did not make it!


Anonymous said...

Man I wish I had that game! Good review.

Mars 4 life

Bricknave said...

Thanks! Yeah the game is an improvement to previous games because you have 30 average levels instead of the common 18. I can't beat it though, because a glitch in one level prevents me from getting the Mini-Kit needed to complete the game 100%! Oh well. :)